Saturday, December 8, 2012

Walking to Bethlehem

A local church holds an annual event called "Walking to Bethlehem". They recreate the time of Christ's birth. My friends and I read about it in the newspaper and decided to go. The church is in the middle of the country, but the parking lot was full of cars and church vans, bringing people from all around.
We are given a gold coin to pay our taxes as we enter Bethlehem. Roman soldiers sitting on their horses greet us at the entrance. Our guide leads us into another world. The market is full of people and tradespeople. We see the tanner and the blacksmith, the weaver and the carpenter, and other craftsman selling their wares. Our guide stops at the inn and the inn keeper tells us that he is booked for the night. He has already turned away a young couple expecting a child. Suddenly, shepherds appear and announce the news that a Savior has been born. We continue our guided tour to a humble manger outside of the city. And there lies the baby Jesus.

We pass a huge cross draped in purple cloth and are told the rest of the story by one of the bibical characters.

I'm glad I made the walk to Bethlehem.

I've been following this daily devotion for Advent.

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lil red hen said...

This sure sounds like an unforgetable experience. It makes it all so real doesn't it?