Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School

Tomorrow is my my middle granddaughter's first day of school.
She is already stressing about it.
"Mommy, what if I don't get up on time?
What if I have homework? I don't know how to do homework."
She has been listening too much to her older sister, who is working on her math homework on the second day of school (Kindergarten phases in the little ones). Older sister is a seasoned third-grader this year. My daughter told me of the conversation they had while getting their baths. She told "Teka" to explain to Allie why it was important to get plenty of sleep.

"You don't get to take naps in first grade. Oh, and there's no TV or naptime in Kindergarten either. Well, sometimes you get to watch a show, but once it's over, then it's over!"

"What show?"

"I don't know. That was like three or four years ago!"

Bless their little hearts.