Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Boys

I raised two daughters and then my younger daughter had two girls of her own. My life revolved around baby dolls and play kitchens, hair bows and cute little girl clothes.

As soon as I knew I was expecting my first child I picked up my crochet needles and had six sweaters finished by the time she was born at the end of  May. I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew. From the time my girls were little I made many of their holiday dresses. It was fun dressing up little girls.

I never thought I would be blessed with a boy, but last year my older daughter gave me a grandson, a delightful little boy who stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him. From the time he was two months old he slept through the night until morning. He still does, except for the times when he is sick or has an ear infection. At 15 months his little personality is coming out. He is picking up words and repeating them. He has to have his rambunctious playtime before he goes to bed. That means hide-and-seek, tickle time, and letting him play on my bed, which he loves. He loves to go outside and gets excited when he sees my neighbor's dogs across the street.

As a little boy he loves gadgets: remote controls, telephones, answering machines, anything with buttons that he can push. We recently had to move the phone because a 911 operator called and said they had a hang-up call. I apologized and stated that my grandson had accidentally called when he was playing with the phone. I apologized again when a deputy showed up at my door a little while later. The phone is now out of reach of his little hands. He has also figured out how to start the dishwasher and when we say the word, "bathtime" he runs to the bathroom, ready to turn on the faucet.

He loves it when my daughter reads to him. Elmo is his favorite character at the present time. He likes to sing and hums along with the music. At this age he is learning something new everyday.

What do I want for him as he grows up?

I want him to be happy.
I want him to love God.
I want him to do something with his hands, whether a profession or hobby.
I want him to respect others.
I want him to have compassion.

I could make a longer list, but I trust God to grow this little boy into a man.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Once there was a man called Nobody. He had been a Nobody all his life. By the time he grew to be a young man he felt that there was little purpose in his life because he was a Nobody. He could not find happiness in relationships because Nobody would make a lasting commitment. He drifted from job to job because Nobody ever felt satisfied with anything he started. Frankly, he was sick and tired of being a Nobody.

Then one day he met Somebody. Somebody who just wanted to be his friend, Somebody who promised to change his life. Nobody was skeptical at first. After all, he had experienced his share of broken promises and failed friendships. Besides, he was a Nobody. What would Somebody want with him? But Somebody persisted. When Nobody was home, Somebody came by to check on him. When he was at work, he could feel Somebody's presence. Gradually Nobody became convinced that Somebody was different. Here was Somebody who cared. Soon, Somebody talked him into going to church. And Somebody was always there, waiting on Nobody. Somebody loved him just as he was. Somebody was right. His life did change the day he met Somebody.

Do you know Somebody?


(c) Anita M. Ashworth 2000

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pretending to Be a Grown-Up

Grown-ups don't cry
At least that's what I thought as a child
I only saw grown-ups cry at funerals
And that was from a distance
Because children didn't go to funerals
When I was a child

Grown-ups work all the time
And never take time to play
They look serious all the time
And tired...really tired
Not the kind of tired that you feel
From jumping on the trampoline
Just tired

Grown-ups never go barefoot
When people grow up they put on shoes
And never take them off anymore
They even wear their socks to bed
At least some of them do
Wouldn't it be fun to kick off your shoes
And walk barefooted through the dewy grass
First thing in the morning?

Grown-ups drink a lot of coffee and tea
And talk about 'eating right'
They are always on a diet
What is wrong with chocolate milk
Cookies and soda pop?

Grown-ups go to bed way too early
Because they have to get up and go to work
They are grumpy when they don't get enough sleep
Come to think about it
It's not so bad being a kid