Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Nina and the Pinta

I read in the local paper that the Nina and the Pinta
were docked at the local marina on the Tennessee River.
These are actual replicas of
Christopher Columbus' ships. From the information page that
was handed out, we learned that these ships were called "Caravels"
and were used by explorers during the Age of Discovery.
They travel all across the United States. Amazingly, they were built in Brazil
only using shipbuilding methods of the 1500s; no modern tools
were used. I was surprised at how small they were. The Nina was only 65 feet long and the
Pinta was 85 feet long.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by a Six Year Old

This was written by my oldest grandchild when she started first grade. She is now 9 years old. My daughter found it recently and shared it with me. I thought it was precious.

1 day it wax a little catpilr and he wax hugre win the sun wit down on Sunday he eat 1 apple on Munday he eat 1 per on Tuesdat eat 1 plum on Winday 1 sobere on Thurszday he eat 1 orij and he eat sum sor suf and that day he had a beleak and that day he goa a coco and the nex day he wus a buttrefly.

Her Journey Has Just Begun

Her journey has ended here on earth
Gone too soon
We miss her

But she is still with us
She is in the scent of the flowers
She lovingly grew
She is in the face of her grandchildren
Whom she loved so very much
Her spirit is everywhere
She is in that favorite song
That she sang along with on the radio
And she is in the stories she told
Of her childhood, of a different time and place
She is in the hearts of those she loved
And forever will be
She is in the old photographs
Pasted in the family albums
And in the worn and tattered quilts
Stitched with her own two hands
She is in that favorite recipe
That everyone always asked for
And she is in the memories
Of friends and relatives who smile
And remember how special she was
She is in the joy and the laughter
Of the family she called her own
Yes, her spirit is all around
Her journey has just begun
(In memory of my sister-in-law who passed away recently after a brief battle with cancer)