Monday, July 7, 2014

July Wedding

God blessed us with a beautiful day on Saturday for my daughter's wedding.
She was married to her 'best friend' in the gardens of
a historic home, a perfect setting for a summer wedding.

The house was built in 1819 and was the home
of a famed local poet and artist. My new son-in-law is a graphic artist
and my daughter and I like history, so it was the perfect match.

We chose simple table centerpieces.

The two brothers waiting for the wedding to begin.

The elegant dining room.
Here comes the bride!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


May was a busy month. My granddaughter, Mae-Mae, turned three. My grandson graduated from
Kindergarten. My two oldest granddaughters had dance recitals and finished up their ball season. They did great in both. My oldest daughter celebrated her birthday and we had a bridal shower for her. We decided on a burlap and lace theme (in case you couldn't tell);) Thank you, Pinterest, for the inspiration!

I made these little gift bags out of plain brown sacks
(3 for a $1.00) and added cup up lace doilies and twine for
the bow.

My five-minute wreath.

My daughter's friend had this old window at home and it
was perfect for a backdrop.

My daughter bought the burlap banner and stamped the hearts on the pendants.

My daughter wrapped Mason jars in burlap and lace and used simple
Baby's Breath for the arrangements.

I found matching plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby.
I love the napkins! One can do all sorts of crafts with these pretty
napkins. I know. I'm weird.

                                       I made a bouquet of flower pens for the bridal shower.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nature Hike

After a week of freakesh storms and cleaning up storm debris I relished the beautiful weather that we have been blessed with these past couple of days. I wanted to get away for a few hours, so my daughter and I took the children on a nature hike nearby. It's a mile and half walk on top of a mountain.

Perfect spot to pose for a picture.

We counted at least nine turtles.

My 3-year old granddaughter explores the old homestead cabin.

A little chapel in the woods.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Portrait of a Lady

            In 1987 my husband and I and our two young daughters moved to a little town in Alabama after retiring from the military. The few landmarks along this stretch of highway south of the Tennessee state line were a cotton gin, the Methodist church, a tiny, brick post office, a couple of family-style restaurants, and a two-pump gas station with a vintage sign. The other landmark was a shabby old Victorian house situated on a corner lot that boasted the only traffic light in town. The two-story house seemed to be abandoned, but sat like an aging beauty on that little piece of land, waving a spell over the local inhabitants. There was something mysterious about this house and driving by after dark, when the street lights illuminated the fading beauty, there appeared a figure in the upstairs window. Did someone live there? Was that a face I saw? The face appeared again, not pressed against the window pane, but retreating in the background, as if not wanting to be noticed. I wondered about this shadowy figure. Was it my imagination playing tricks on me? Was she a real person? So when driving home at night I would glance up at the second floor, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lady in the window.

A few years later the house was moved and a modern gas station took over the corner lot. I missed the old house because it gave our little town some character. And I missed the mysterious lady in the window.

            A friend and I were on the visitation team and were visiting new members from our church one Sunday afternoon. One of our new members were a friendly and delightful older couple who lived in the country. We chatted and became acquainted as they showed us their lovely home, which was beautifully decorated with antiques. They invited us to sit in the living room and told us a little history about themselves. Sitting on an easel in the living room was a portrait of a lady who looked strangely familiar. In our conversation we found out that they had once owned an old Victorian house which was sold and moved to another property. I looked at the painting again. I smiled, because I knew where the story was going. This was the lady in the window I had seen so many years before. They had kept her in an upstairs bedroom facing the window and it was her shadow that was seen from the road.

            I couldn't believe that it was not my imagination after all. The lady in the window was real, even if she was in a portrait.
Similar portrait of a lady

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Storm Damage

This is the closest in 25 years that I've come to a tornado hit. An F-1 tornado tore up my neighborhood and wreaked havoc for several miles. Luckily no one was hurt or killed, although a few miles away in Tennessee ( I live very close to the state line) there were much more severe damage and fatalities. Trees can be replanted and fences repaired. Lives lost cannot be replaced. Very thankful! Pray for the people in Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and other states that are recovering from another round of spring tornados.
On a positive note, I met one of my new neighbors, a 10-year old boy, Carlos. His mother said that he wanted to help with the clean-up on Tuesday. He wore his batman gloves and helped the tree cutters drag the tree limbs to the road. He was a big help. I gave him a little cash for his efforts. Mom said that they are from Arizona and were pretty scared when the storms came through. She and the three children took cover in the hallway when the 80-plus miles per hour winds came through.

The swing set, a few feet away, was untouched.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Here are some images from my Easter.

I made the cross designs using strips of masking tape.

My attempt at cupcake decorating.

I bought these little bags at the Dollar General. I
didn't go overboard with the candy.

My little granddaughter looking rather glum,
but she cheered right up once she found some Easter eggs.

What Easter is really about.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Blessings, cont.

I received two blessings this week from strangers. Last week I waited on a young African-American man. He gave me a nice compliment. It almost put a lump in my throat because it was unexpected.

I believe in passing on good things, even in small ways.

On Saturday I was in line at McDonald's. I placed my order and told the cashier that I would pay for the lady ahead of me. She had a military license plate on her truck and a message scrolled on her window, "In memory of my daughter." All I could think of were my two daughters.

The cashier told her. Darn! The lady got her food and got out of her truck to thank me. "You saw the message," she said, "April is a hard month. Thank you so much." When she pulled away I saw the date. Her daughter had died in April, but I couldn't see the date when I was right behind her, just the message and license plate.