Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Jesus-God Book

Okay, I try not to be one of those grandmothers that are constantly whipping out the brag book, or nowadays, the cell phone or digital camera that seems to be readily available. Yes, I have on occasion dug the digital camera out of my purse to show a recent picture, one picture, that I thought deserved a little recognition and a Ooh and an Aww from my co-workers. For the most part, I am not that kind of a grandmother, sometimes even being accused of being negligent by not having a recent photograph on hand.

Thank God for Facebook! Now I can post photos of my grandchildren to my heart's delight without being rude or obnoxious.
And it's not just pictures that I am proud to show off, but the cute and silly things they say that make you smile or laugh out loud. Like my daughter, Carrie, says, kids are cheap entertainment.

A few weeks ago I was baby-sitting the kids, all three of them, while Carrie and Shannon went shopping.Lucas has a picture book Bible in his room, and little (almost 2 years old) Allie Marie was getting into everything, like always, and naturally gravitated to the baby's room to see what damage she could do. She found the picture book Bible and was playing with it when big sister Erika ran into the living room to tattle on her little sister, probably realizing that little Allie was up to no good."Nemaw, Allie's playing with the Jesus-God book," she tells me."What book is she playing with?" I asked, teasing her."The Jesus-God book in Lucas' room," she repeated in her 4-year old voice. She still has trouble pronouncing some of her words and letters, but I understood her plain as day this time. She led me into Lucas' room and pointed to Allie playing with the children's Bible.So from here on out it's not the children's Bible, but the Jesus-God book.

Recently Carrie took Allie to the ER when she needed stitches. She had jumped off the couch and her cheek was split open when it hit her sippy cup, of all things. She required 5 stitches. Carrie said that she was awesome and didn't even cry when the nurses wrapped her up like a papoose, so she couldn't move. On the trip to the hospital Erika recalled her trip to the ER last year, when she slipped and fell and needed stitches on her chin. She remembered seeing the "Chin doctor" when she went to the emergency room.

Needless to say, some of the things she says leaves me in "stitches."

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