Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cherry Pie

I made a pie,
a Cherry Pie
For the record,
I ate a few
that my fingers turned blue

Now the crust was ready
and I filled it high
with the bowl of cherries
for my Cherry Pie

I put it in the oven
And watched the time
I couldn't wait to eat
My Cherry Pie

But, so ugly is my pie
Have you ever seen an ugly pie?
Not I.
I'm telling the truth
I would not lie

I ate a piece
of my ugly Cherry Pie
And it was very good
My "Rustic Cherry Pie"

(photo from flickr - Dani 9-5 photostream)

(c) 2010 Anita M. Ashworth


GretchenJoanna said...

mm-mmm mouth is watering !

Rita said...

Oh how cute! I love cherry pie. My mother-in-law always baked me a pie for my birthday, since I love pies better than cakes. Yummm! I love just eating cherries by themselves too.

Relyn said...

I LOVE this! It's completely fabulous. You have me smiling.

Janet, said...

I hope you enjoyed your cherry pie. This made me think of the old song, "Billy Boy."