Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old Photos

I've been going through old photos, some of which have been damaged from being stored in boxes over time. I tried to save the ones I could.
The canals of Amsterdam. We took a boat ride on the "John F. Kennedy."
This is the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany. Pretzels and beer...we skipped the beer because our (then) two-year daughter was with us.
Most of my photos from Paris are damaged, such as this one. But the color gives it a strange, vintage look.

London Bridge was rainy and foggy during most of our stay. I loved London! Gorgeous gardens, magnificent history, and plays every night.


Rita said...

What wonderful photos and what wonderful memories. Even if you lost the photos, the memories will always be in your mind. Glad that you were able to restore some of them.

Relyn said...

I adore these old pictures. I actually love them this way - unrestored and kind of faded. LOVE IT!! Especially that first London Bridge on. LOVE IT!!