Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Six

My granddaughter, Teka (her nickname), has been getting into trouble at school lately. It's the usual stuff that first graders do  - talking too much and not listening. In her defense, the past few weeks have been full of upsets and changes. There were the bad storms and the power outage and having to go out of town. There's a new baby at home. Teka was also worried about her cousin that was having a tonsillectomy. She's a little worrywart. It's the end of the year and the children are getting antsy by now. Teka is usually well-behaved. She loves to read and is the typical older child, shouldering the responsibilities of big sisterhood. She has landed on "Yellow" before, but after a couple of days on "Yellow", my daughter made her write a note to her teacher, apologizing for her behavior.

"Nobody else has to do this," she remarked through tears.

"But what if you had to go to the Principal's office?" my daughter asked.

"But you don't go to the Principal's office until you're on "Red" and I was only on "Yellow."

It's not easy being six.


lil red hen said...

Poor little girl! All those things would definitely upset her. We know how it affects us. She just needs lots of reassurance and with time and prayers she'll be back to her sweet little self.

Rita said...

I admire your daughter for having her daughter write an apology to her teacher. Even though your sweet granddaughter cannot see the value now, she will when she grows older and realizes the importance of what her mother has taught her. I sympathize with her as I got "talk too much" on my report cards when I was little!

Janet, said...

She's a cute little girl. We never had things like 'yellow' and 'red' when I went to school. We had warnings and the paddle.