Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Front Porch

I love my front porch. When we bought the house it didn't have a railing, so my husband and I built one. We did a pretty good job, considering that neither one of us had carpentry skills. That railing has lasted almost 20 years.

The porch has had its moments through the years.

I would sit on the porch when the children were little and watch the yellow school bus come around the corner and drop them off at the end of the driveway.

I would drink my morning coffee on the front porch on a nice day and read the newspaper while listening to the birds sing.

I would bring a book out on the front porch to read when I needed a quiet moment.

The front porch served as a "Smoking Room" for my friends and relatives who smoked.

The front porch was a good place to have a chat with a friend or neighbor who stopped by.

Now, the grandchildren draw all over the porch with their chalk. I let them draw all over the driveway, too.

I was off today, so I scrubbed the front porch. I poured a bucket of sudsy water, equipped myself with cleaning rags and put on my rubber gloves. First, I cleaned the windows and then wiped down the railing and porch furniture. At last, I turned on the hose at full-blast and sprayed away the winter's dust and dirt.

There is nothing like a clean, front porch.


Rita said...

I too love a porch. We have a screened-in back porch that we sit on all the time. This last storm tore some of the screens off and we've just replaced them with new solar screens. So we are enjoying the porch once again. I always wanted a wrap-around porch on my house! Porches are wonderful and it looks like you use yours quite a bit too! Have a wonderful weekend sitting out there on your clean porch!

lil red hen said...

Beautiful porch!! We live on a dusty road so it's not very good to sit there. I've asked for a railing too; the porch is rather high and I'm afraid of falling off. lol Do you have problems with birds trying to build nests under the ceiling? Swallows try to build on our back porch every year, leaving dirt daubings; shame on me, but I knock them down!

Mary said...

It seems your porch holds a lot of memories! :-)

Janet, said...

I think a front porch makes a house a home. I wouldn't want a house without one. It is nice to sit out on them morning or night and enjoy life's little pleasures.

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, I would love a front porch! You so aptly describe how useful it could be - a great gift and opportunity.

Relyn said...

I dream of a house with a front porch. In fact, just now, big on our family's prayer list is a new house with some land and a walkout basement and a front porch. A pool is the icing we're asking for.