Friday, March 2, 2012

Storm Warnings

It was another scary day in North Alabama. The tornado sirens started early. By 9:30 this morning tornadoes had already hop-scotched across our county. It destroyed  dozens of homes, and also hit a high school, middle school, a church and the restaurant where my daughter was hired for her first job. That family restaurant is less than five miles from my house. Here's a picture of the tornado that someone took.

Nerves were on edge...we don't want a repeat of April 27, 2011, the day of the tornado outbreak that devastated entire towns all throughout the Southeast.
Things have calmed down. We are safe. As my grandson said, "Jesus can stop the storm."



lil red hen said...

So glad you're o.k. I had wondered about my blogging friends in AL. That's really too close for comfort anyway isn't it.

Relyn said...

Somebody is teaching that grandson of yours exactly right. Jesus can stop the storm. And when He doesn't, He calms our heart.

Mary said...

That is a scary picture..I have been very concerned for all my blogging friends in the path of the storms. So happy to hear you are okay..Hugs and Blessings. ;)

Janet, said...

Very scary picture. I think if I lived in these areas, I would build an underground shelter. So glad Jesus stopped the storm before it reached you.

Kuki... said...

Just saw this glad your family is safe. What a wise young lad your grandson is!!!