Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Advent Calendar and the Christmas Party

 Growing up in Germany it was a tradition each Christmas to buy an Advent calender with chocolate candy hidden in the scene. Each day we would take turns opening up the little flap and removing our piece of chocolate.
This year I bought four calenders, one for each of my grandchildren.
There are 11 days left.
Yesterday, while no one was looking, Mae-Mae, at 19 months, ate the rest of her chocolate.

My grandson is having his pre-school Christmas party today.

"Can Mommy come to my party?" he asked my other daughter, who baby-sits him.

"No, Honey, she has to work."

"Can Mamaw (me) come?"

"No, she has to work, too."

"Can the girls come?"

"No, Sweetheart. They are in school."

"Can Mae-Mae come? She doesn't go to school."

Poor little guy. He doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to surprise him.

Have a blessed day!

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Janet, said...

How sweet! Hope you enjoyed the party. I loved going to the school parties when my kids were young.