Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Mother's Garden

When Spring finally arrives it always brings thoughts of my mother. She loved Spring
and loved flowers, especially Pansies. She passed away 12 years ago, but I think about her often and the simple pleasures she taught us to appreciate. I recently spent a weekend
compiling some pictures of my mother onto a CD, to give to my sisters
and my uncle in Germany. 

I added the song, "Edelweiss", which was my mother's favorite song.

This was a little garden on the side of her house.

My mother had the chance to visit her sister in Germany two years before she died.
This is my mother (sitting) and her oldest sister, Anna,
who lived in Nurnberg, Germany.
 My mother had beautiful skin and hair and never looked her age.
I think that God knew that she wasn't going to reach old age.

This old castle in Germany is near the town that I was born in.

This was taken in Gatlinburg six months before my mother passed away.


lil red hen said...

Such lovely photos, Anita. My mother has been gone almost 27 years; we'll always miss them won't we.
The eggs you dyed are beautiful! Haven't done that in years! And don't you love having a bird in your hanging basket! A little wren made her nest in a basket of mine several years ago.

Barbara said...

Simply beautiful photos of your mom and her lovely garden, I am with her, I love Spring and Pansies too, I have them in my flower bed around the tree, It is gorgeous here today, hope you have a very blessed day, hugs

Janet, said...

I enjoyed your post. For those of us who have lost our mothers, we miss them so much. but are comforted with the warm thoughts and memories of them.