Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grandchildren Stories

I always say that grandchildren are cheap entertainment. Out of the mouths of babes come the most profound or funniest sayings.

Four of my grandchildren spent the night with me on New Year's Day. They were out of school until today, January 4th.

My eight-year old grandson, 'Luca,' loves to draw. His favorite character is Charlie Brown and Snoopy. One of his presents was the Charlie Brown book, the 1960's edition (which is the one he wanted). They have them for the other decades, as well.

On New Year's Day, after breakfast, he wanted to go to the library.

"Honey, the library is closed today because it's a holiday."

"Oh, man! I wanted to check out "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy." he replied.

"Where did you hear about that book?"

"Charlie Brown. I figured if he could read it, so could I."

Luca loves history (like his grandmother) and is also a sentimental child. Since he lived with me for almost three years, he was looking through a dresser drawer where I saved a lot of his baby items. His little blankie with the bear head wasn't there.

"Nemaw, do you know where my blankie is from when I was a baby? That was my favorite."

"No, you probably took it with you when you and Mom moved. It may be put away in a box."

"Do you think she could find it if I called her?"

"Why don't I buy you another one if it's that important to you?"

"No, it wouldn't be same. I had that from the time I was a baby."

I think the blankie is in there somewhere.

My younger granddaughter, "Mae-Mae" was looking through a picture album of her mother and aunt when they were children, Five-year Mae-Mae was asking lots of questions. She asked about her grandfather, who is in heaven, and wanted to know all about him.

When I was doing something else she brought me the album to show me a picture.

"Look, Nemaw!" "There is Grandpa standing in front of God." It was a picture of my husband taken in Crete many years ago. I have no idea where that came from, but it warmed my heart.

A picture of my husband when he went to Crete while he was in the Army.


GretchenJoanna said...

You have had very special moments with your grandchildren - it seems that they know you and love you so well that they can freely share their hearts and minds, letting you in on their unique perspectives. What a gift!

Mary Hutchins said...

Grandchildren are a blessing, and yes, they can say some very cute things!!