Friday, February 19, 2010

Things that Make Me Smile....

My daughter and her husband made last minute plans to go to a Jason Aldean concert last night and needed a baby-sitter. Maw-maw here agreed to come over after work and watch the girls. My daughter had made Chicken Pot Pie, my recipe, for supper and it was delicious! Before long, the girls brought out their games and taught me how to play "Hungry Hippos." I felt like a loser, two little girls beating their Grandma. That's okay. Wait until they get older and I'll pull out the old Scrabble game:)

 My three year old grand-daughter likes to play doctor and made me lie down on the floor. She proceeded to poke and prod me with every fake medical tool in her doctor's bag. She slipped the plastic band-aid, like a bracelet, on her wrist, checked my heartbeat with the stethoscope and shoved the thermometer in my mouth. She definitely needs to learn some bedside manners, I decided, because she was kinda rough.

At bedtime, my five-year old grand-daughter wanted me to read "Green Eggs and Ham", a book I haven't read in 25 years. I let her read the "Sam, I am" part and soon she was reading whole paragraphs. Do I like "Green Eggs and Ham?" I will read it from time to time; I will read it in my prime; but I cannot, I will not, eat green eggs and ham, not on a dime.


Rita said...

Oh, are grandchildren not the most wonderful things in this world? We kept our grandchildren this weekend and had so much fun with them. Just wish they were closer and I could see them more often! Glad you got to be with yours!

Janet, said...

Oh, that would make me smile, too. Can't wait to have grandchildren to read books to.