Monday, March 29, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My oldest granddaughter, Erika, who is in Kindergarten, has been sick a lot this year. Since Christmas she has rarely gone to school an entire week because of holidays, bad weather days or being sick. She missed three days last week because of a nasty stomach bug. She told my daughter, Carrie, the other day, "I used to go to school every day, but I don't anymore."

When she was home last week, her little sister wanted Erika to help her fill her juice cup. Erika quickly responded, "Allie, I can't help you right now. I'm sick. You'll have to ask Lucas to help you." Lucas, my grandson, is 20 months old.

She also wanted to get an early start on Christmas and decided to write Santa a letter. What prompted her was an advertisement on TV for a toy called "Pillow Pets." She told her Mom to tell Santa that the website was http://www.pillowpets/  so he wouldn't forget. Oh, and she wanted Carrie to take the letter to the mall to make sure Santa gets it. I'm sure Santa doesn't get too many letters in March!

My younger granddaughter, Allie, I'm afraid, is turning into a little hypochondriac. She is not like other children who kick and scream when it comes to taking medicine. She is happy to take her dose. And if you have a pain or ache, don't you know she does, too!  When Carrie had to go to the doctor recently, little Allie spoke up, "Me ick, too, (fake cough, twice)," and wanted to go. No wonder she enjoys playing doctor so much.


Sheryl (Sherri) Crawford said...

Hi Anita (o; I see I'm on your Blog Roll. Thanks so much (o; This post is hysterical! Children are so honest and funny.

I've had numerous orthopedic surgeries and my granddaughters are used to visiting me in the hospital. Several days after returning home from a total hip replacement, my granddaughters came to visit me. Gwen, who was 4 at the time began to search the house. "Gwennie, what are you looking for?" I asked. She replied with a question. "Gramma,where's yer doctor?" HA! I guess she thought I had surgeons follow me home (o;

Janet, said...

such a cute post! They are adorable.