Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time to Slow Down

Things have been so busy lately
that my feet haven't touched the ground.
I'm running from morning until night,
with no end in sight.
I need a minute, or two, to collect my thoughts,
to hit the pause button on my life,
and breathe slowly.

I need to slow down;
there's so much cramming in my head,
and not enough time to savor the moments.
Get up, go to work, go to bed.

I want to stop and smell the flowers,
gaze at the moon and the stars,
take a drive down a dusty road
and forget the time on the clock.

I want to have long conversations with an old friend
over iced tea on the front porch
and we'll hug each other's necks
when it's time to leave and say good-bye.
because old friendships are a rare and beautiful thing

I want to browse to my heart's content in second- hand stores
finding lost treasures that someone slipped in a box
or the vintage find that reminds me of a childhood memory
now collecting dust in an antique store

I want to sip coffee, slowly,
with the newspaper spread all around
and time to clip recipes and coupons;
read the funnies and work the crossword puzzle.

I want to play with the children
and get down on the floor,
 read stories that make them laugh
and tickle their funny bone

I want to bake from scratch
the recipes my mother used to make
and pour me a cup of tea
from the teapot that I inherited.

I want to listen to soft music
that drowns out the noise
and latest headline news

I want to spend time talking to God
and listening to what he has to say
instead of always feeling rushed
and being on my way

And when I do,
He'll give me a moment, or two
To slow down 
and hit the pause button
So I can stop and breathe.

(c) Anita M. Ashworth 2010


Rita said...

Those simple pleasures don't come too often when you work full time! Treasure them when you get them.

Janet, said...

I totally agree. We have been so busy and rushed in the last week and I can't wait to slow down and listen to the 'peepers' outside. Yes, today I heard them for the first time this year and it was wonderful!