Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Child's Manger

My two- year old grandson has been fascinated with my little manger. When I first put it on display he would constantly rotate the figurines around. I let him play with my child-size Nativity, and so far he hasn't broken any of the characters. He was curious. He'd bring them to me, one by one, and ask,
"What is this?"
"The Wise Man."
"What is this?"
"The shepherd boy."
What is this?"
"Mary, Jesus' Mommy."
"What is this?" he asked, as he carried the tiny Jesus, cupped in his little hand.
"Baby Jesus."

But today took the cake. He put one of the Wise Man in his toy police car. I wish that I had taken a picture:).

Merry Christmas!


Rita said...

Anita, I have a Nativity set that is called Thimbles and Buttons. All the characters have thimbles for hats and buttons on their clothes. I've always enjoyed getting it out. I'm so thankful that you have grandchildren that can enjoy yours. Have a good Christmas with them.

Anita said...

Rita, your Nativity set sounds too cute!