Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trees of Christmases Past

This was our Christmas tree from 1980. We were living in Germany. My oldest was seven months old, so this was her very first Christmas. We only had one car at the time, so I was a real stay-at-home Mom. I learned how to sew and crochet and made these homemade ornaments just in time for Christmas. I missed my family, but we made some good friends in our apartment building.

This was Christmas 1986. My youngest daughter (pictured here) was four years old. Our living room was warm and cozy, and I especially loved the stone fireplace in our little rental house.

We had moved into our new house by the time this picture was taken in the late 1980's. I was in a country decorating phase. Notice the ruffled curtains in the background. Even if I don't write on the back of my photos I can identify the time period by the decor.

I think that this one was taken the following year (same curtains).

My Victorian Christmas tree.

Christmas at my mother's house. Our family always got together on Christmas Eve. She would make her famous Potato Salad and Bratwurst, along with assorted cold cuts and rye bread. There was always a Stollen, a traditional German bread, and of course, Christmas cookies.

Christmas, 2005
I paid $5.00 for this little tree on clearance the year before.

An old-fashioned Christmas tree, 2009.  


Rita said...

Isnt' it fun to look back at old pictures and see how we did then and how we do now? Let's see the one for 2010 now!!! Do you have your tree up? I figure you do!

Janet, said...

I enjoyed looking at your history of Christmas trees. On the 4th picture down, I notice a shelf on the wall. I think I have one just like that in my bedroom. I love wall shelves!