Friday, April 6, 2012

Every Kid Should...

I was listening to a popular radio station this morning. Every morning the DJ picks a topic or question and listeners call in with their opinions. This morning the question was "What is something that every child should experience?" A few of the answers were: camping, chores, driving an old clunker, etc. I didn't hear the rest of the show, but thought of several childhood experiences that no child should go without.

Every kid should discover storybooks and the love of reading

Every kid should ride a carousel

Every kid show blow lots of bubbles, every chance they can

Every kid should discover the fun of hiking in the woods

Every kid should visit a Pumpkin Patch in the fall

Every kid should visit a Petting Zoo and pet all of the animals

Every kid should jump into a pile of autumn leaves

Every kid needs to go to the park frequently

Every kid needs to enjoy a real snow day, especially if you live in the South

And of course, every kid needs to travel to the beach, preferably every summer


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I would add: playing in the mud! :-))


Janet, said...

Those are good things. Lets see, what can I add? Having a pet, roasting marshmallows, helping plant a garden, learning to ride a bike, playing dress up.

Anita said...

@Doris, playing in the mud is a must!
@Janet, these are good things to add to the list!
Thank You for your comments.