Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rest in Peace

My sister called me this morning to tell me that my father's younger sister passed away during the night. She was only 63, not much older than myself. My extended family members are scattered and because my grandparents are gone and because of life's circumstances, or whatever reason, it's hard to get people together, unless there is a wedding or a funeral. And that is where I usually run into a cousin or aunt that I haven't seen in years. It's sad, but true.
Now there will be another funeral to go to.
 You hear about people having a hard life. That was my aunt. Like many poor, Southern girls of her era, Aunt B. got married at 15. She had her first child at 16 and another one at 18. There was another one, too, in between, another boy, that died soon after birth. I remembered the day they buried that little baby, in a little country cemetary, up on a hill. It was raining and we children had to wait in the car while the grown-ups huddled under the umbrellas. And my aunt, only a girl herself, sobbed for the loss of her child.
Rest in peace, Aunt B.


lil red hen said...

It is sad, but true, that I don't see my folks either until we gather for a funeral. My sister lost a little five year old girl; we'll always wonder what she could have become.

Mary said...

I think it's like that in a lot of families...Sorry about your sad news.

Rita said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You are right, it's sad that it takes a wedding or a funeral to get our families together any more, but that seems to be the norm in this day and age. It's so sad to lose a child. I lost one between my two.

GretchenJoanna said...

It is good that you are telling the stories of your family. May Aunt B. rest in peace.

Janet, said...

I am so sorry for the death of your aunt. We have a family reunion every year and so many people don't come to it. I feel it is awful to only see relatives at funerals.