Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making Dreams Come True

My husband and I in Paris, 1978

Some people have a knack for making their dreams come true. Perhaps it's more than a "knack." Its determination and not losing sight of your dreams.

Like my former co-worker, Dawn (not her real name). She quit her job last year to devote all of her time to her organic farm, renovated a 100 year old barn, hosting small events in her rustic setting with southern charm. She also teaches schoolchildren the importance of gardening and believes in bringing them back to the rural values that she grew up with.

Like a former neighbor who published a book about a mascot dog from her husband's alma mater. Her sister-in-law did the illustrations. She didn't become rich or famous, but it was her dream to become a published author.

Like the daughter of a friend of mine who hiked the Appalachian trail last year. Once a shy young child in my pre-school Sunday School class, she has grown up to be an adventurous, confident young woman. She recently worked at a bear camp in Alaska.

Like my oldest daughter who started her bucket list while still in her 20's when she went skydiving on her 23rd birthday. Another one of her dreams came true when she visited New York over the New Year holidays. She and two college friends appeared on the Today show and talked to Willard Scott. A producer on the show recognized one of her friends (who is blind) from college and invited the young women into the green room, where they sipped hot chocolate with guests from the show.

Like a couple that I know who used to manage a herd of reindeer (really) and made special appearances around the holidays. One of their highlights each year was to take the herd out west to appear at a famous pop star's holiday gathering.

Like a local woman, Christy Jordan, who has published a cookbook, and has been featured in Southern Living. Her southern charm and recipes have made her a household name here in the South. I haven't personally met Christy, but I am a big fan of her blog, here.

There are many others that I am leaving off of my list, but it is amazing how many people actually follow their dreams and find success.

Never give up on your dreams.


Anonymous said...

I envy those people who have followed their dream. Thanks for the link to Christy Jordan. I've been working on a cookbook that sounds like hers - lots of little stories tucked in among the recipes. Wonderful, inspiring post, Anita!

Relyn Lawson said...

What an encouraging post. I wrote today about one of my dreams coming true.