Saturday, November 3, 2012

Something to Smile About

"Dancing With the Ghouls"

We always have "huddle" time on Fridays at work, a few minutes of fun and games to start the day with a positive attitude. A few weeks before Halloween the supervisors asked for ideas on doing something creative for Halloween. I suggested that we have a "Dancing with the Ghouls'' contest. We divided into three teams and each team danced to either "Thriller", "Monster Mash" or "The Adams Family." It was a huge hit! I never laughed so hard, and the dance moves and skits made us smile all day. The management team even came up with their own routine and enlisted the help of our security guard.

"It Can't Happen to Me (But it Did)"

"Uh, can you make that a regular hamburger?" I said as I went to McDonalds the other evening. The young man very politely informed me that my debit card approval came back short and I still owed some change for my quarter-pounder and a specialty coffee. "Don't worry about it, Ma'am," he said, as I fished in my wallet and dumped a handful of change in his hand. It's a good thing that I work at the financial institution that rejected my card. As my daughters would tell me, "See, Mom, it's time to get a smart phone. Of course, I really didn't need that Frappe.

The offender
"The Offender"

My son-in-law is a cop. He came home for dinner while he was on duty recently and laid his radio down while talking on the phone with another deputy. My 18-month old granddaughter saw the radio and pushed the red button, a big no-no. His phone immediately started ringing off the hook and the dispatcher was frantically trying to get through. My son-in-law called in and stated that everything was under control and that he had the offender in custody.

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