Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Talking to a Grave"

I go to a place
Where I stand alone
Where once was a patch of dirt
Now your name is etched in stone
I say hello
I love you
I miss you

And wish you were here
My conversation sounds hollow
As I get down on my knees
There is only silence
But for the whisper of a breeze
I blow you a kiss
Before I say good-bye
And I want you to know
Once more
I love you
I miss you
And wish you were here

(c) Anita M. Ashworth 2009


Sheryl (Sherri) Crawford said...

Anita, did you write this touching piece? If so, put the c (for copyright)symbol below the piece along with your full name and year. So touching.

Anita said...

Thanks, Sheryl. I wrote it last year.