Monday, April 19, 2010

A Lucky Day

My granddaughter's Kindergarten class had Kite Day this past Friday. However, there was barely a breeze, so the kites didn't make it off the ground. My granddaughter tried again the next day, excitedly dragging her kite along the ground, hoping for a lift-off.

My daughter and her husband finally tilled their garden this weekend and shopped for plants. Erika was so excited about the garden and couldn't wait to put the seedlings in the ground. She gave up a shopping trip with Mawmaw to stay home and help Daddy. "Today is my lucky day," she said, referring to the garden. She is five years old. Things that we take for granted are a big deal to a five-year old. Simple things. Flying kites. Vegetables. Sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

Our garden is tilled too, but it is too early to plant. But I'm getting anxious.