Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If Children Ruled the World

My daughter, Carrie, as a little girl
If children ruled the world
Grown-ups would have to be quiet
And let children have their say
Grown-ups wouldn't be allowed to interrupt
Or pout when they didn't get their way..

If children ruled the world
There would be no black or white, brown or yellow
There would be no prejudice, no hatred
Just love for one another
And looking out for the other fellow...

If children ruled the world
Everyone would have a chance
To get off the bench and run in the race
With the rest of us cheering, "Hooray!"
As you cross the finish line and come in first place...

If children ruled the world
There would be a giant playground
Where children could play all day
And the world would be our canvas
As we painted and colored the drabness away....

If children ruled the world
Every child would have a home filled with love
A glass of warm milk and a comfy bed in which to sleep
Sweet dreams and goodnight prayers
'Til morning light their little souls shall keep

If children ruled the world...

(c) Anita M. Ashworth 2010


Barbara said...

Yeah I can imagine, giggles fun post, have a good day, Barbara

Rita said...

Oh so sweet! The Bible says we are to become as little children. How great to have the trust that they have. Lovely poem, Anita!

Relyn said...

Love that!

Janet, said...

I love the poem, Anita!