Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I Learned From My Grandparents

Get up early ~ the early bird gets the worm ~ till a garden ~ don't stay up too late ~ don't watch too much television ~ make biscuits from scratch ~ memorize a favorite hymn ~ pray ~ be thankful ~ there's always someone who is worse off than you ~ sit on the front porch ~ say howdy to your neighbor ~ make do with what you have ~ treat others with respect and kindness ~ obey your elders ~ eat everything on your plate ~ there are poor, starving children out there~ learn from the mistakes of others and don't repeat them ~ straighten up ~ the world doesn't owe you anything ~ do your homework ~ help your mother ~ listen to your father ~ watch your tongue ~ hard work never hurt anyone ~ a good name is all a man has ~ nothing is free ~ you have to work for what you want ~ don't make excuses ~ choose your friends wisely ~ think before you act ~ don't talk back ~ say Yes, Ma'am and No, Ma'am ~ say Yes, Sir and No, Sir ~ go outside and play ~ watch out for your brothers and sisters ~ believe in God ~ watch out for the devil

I also learned that standing in front of a hot fireplace in a house without central heat could warm your bones like nothing else could. ~ And that even when the pantry was almost bare, Grandma could knead a little flour and lard and soon those flaky biscuits would melt in your mouth. ~ I learned that even though she didn't have much, there was a warmth and coziness about my Grandmother's house that I still remember after all these years. ~ And I learned that people didn't have to lock their front door and friends and family could simply walk right in and make themselves at home. ~ I learned that people could be happy with simple things, like having family around the dinner table, and happiness was not found in material things. ~ And  I learned that neighbors still talked to one another when walking down the street and having a phone was a luxury, not a necessity. ~ I learned that children were still treated as children and adults hushed their voices when little ones were around. ~ And I learned that the world moves too fast and you have to slow down sometimes and listen to those around you because you might just learn something.


Rita said...

Heady stuff here today!!! How many times have I heard these things in my youth? Just hope that I have followed them throughout my life. This was a great reminder of the important things in life. Thanks! Hope your day is a great one.

GretchenJoanna said...

I love this fact, I think I might save these teachings to draw from now that I am a grandmother. :-) What a heritage you have.

Aliene said...

What lessons we learned from Grandma.
Wish life was that simple now.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Your post is so thoughtful. It reminds me of my grandma...I can hear her voice, telling me what I should and should not be doing :-)) I sure miss her--but I know she is in heaven, proud of me at trying to teach my kids the same lessons :-))

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment.



Janet, said...

How true all this is, a lot of this I heard from my parents, though, instead of my grandparents. It needs to be like this today and the world would be a better place.